Building Resilience and Reconciliation (BRR)


As response to the Syrian crisis, Adyan works on increasing the level of resilience in the Syrian communities, through a project entitled Building Resilience and reconciliation through interfaith mediation dialogue and peace education (BRR). To do so, Adyan established an interfaith network of Syrian religious leaders and faith based activists to support community cohesion. As result a report on “Islamic discourse between a culture of war and the establishment of a culture of peace” was produced based on the lived experience of Syrians. In parallel, the religious leaders’ network in Syria presented a White Paper on “Christian presence in Syria and the challenges of living together and peacebuilding”. Adding to this, a specific report on Syrian children at risk of being enlisted was prepared.

As for increasing the level of resilience and hope among the youth, and preventing them to become the fuel for an endless war, a Peace educational program was elaborated to contain peace education and psychosocial support components for non-formal schools. Syrian educators among the refugees’ population in Lebanon and others inside Syria are being trained to pursue peace and reconciliation initiatives among children, in formal and non-formal ways.


Training, Research, Educational activities
Lebanon and Syria
Syrian religious leaders, educators and students
Started in June 2013, and still ongoing



Strengthening resilience and supporting reconciliation among religious leaders and young people to sustain inter-communal social cohesion and help counter risks of extremism.

Expected Outcomes

Details on expected outcomes

  • Religious and community leaders proactively promote inclusive values and community cohesion.
  • Increase of local capacities to educate young Syrians about resilience and peace as well as pursue peace and reconciliation initiatives.
  • Children inside Syria and in Lebanon are educated on peace education and receive psychosocial support to increase their level of resiliency.



International Catholic Child Bureau

Samah Halwany, Peace Projects Manager