Prayer Network


Adyan believes in the importance of prayers and that all authentic prayers are heard. Adyan also firmly believes that spiritual solidarity allows people from different religions to join in their prayers. They do not join in the same form of prayer, out of respect to each tradition’s specificities, but they pray, each in his/her own way and each in his/her own place, for the same intent, suggested occasionally by Adyan. By doing so they know that they are connected to others and that together, they are offering their common intent of prayer to God.

Many, individuals or communities are praying with us. Join our interfaith Prayer Network and be one of those who offer the world and all its inhabitants to its Creator, seeking authentic Peace for all.

This Month's Prayer

Prayer for Syria

Lord, we hand you in prayer the Arab world that lives today a period of crisis.

We pray, particularly for Syria:

That the people touched by violence do not enter into a circle of vengeance and that the innocent victims become seeds of peace and fraternity for all the Syrian people.

That those who have been displaced and live in fear and insecurity find solidarity and compassion from others and keep their faith in life.

That the Oppressors and those who commit violence in Your name witness a conversion to Your mercy and Your divine justice and be truly aware of the sacredness of life.

That those who work for the establishment of peace, justice and freedom be guided by You and strengthened in the hope of an ever possible victory of life over death.


Prayer for artisans of peace

In the heart of all religions, you send to our world, O God, artisans of love and peace that often work in silence and simplicity. Their deeds are like grains in the soil, they give fruit when their time is due. Give us not to be submerged by the sound and reverberation of evil and violence. But strengthen all the initiatives of bridge building, dialogue and peace between the populations of earth, so that we can all be reunited in You.

Pray With Us