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Third course of “Religions and Public Affairs”: Sectarianism and public life in Lebanon

11 April, 2017 - News

Within the framework of the Religions and Public Affairs Program in Lebanon, the third module of the program, entitled “Religion, sectarianism and public life in Lebanon”, started on April 11th, and it continues until June 27th 2017 at Adyan Library, Badaro in Beirut. This Program is organized by the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management in Adyan Foundation. For […]

1000 students at Adyan’s Community Service Festival 2017

08 April, 2017 - News

27,500 students implemented 1108 projects during 55 thousand working hours; These figures summarize the “Community Service” project done in various Lebanese schools, which was culminated in the “Community Service Festival 2017”, with the participation of more than one thousand students from 61 public and private schools. Under the patronage of the Minister of Education & […]

Openings of “Al Moltaqa” and “Charfouna” cultural hubs

01 April, 2017 - News

In the framework of Active Coexistence for Extremism Prevention project (ACEP), 21 youth from Al-Hadatha Association in Berqayel, the local partner of Adyan Foundation in Akkar, held the public opening of “Al Moltaqa” on April 1st. Al Moltaqa is a sustainable space that aims to host dialogue initiatives and meetings for Akkar community especially stakeholders […]

Adyan networks launched their calendar for 2017

26 March, 2017 - News

More than 250 members from Adyan Youth, Volunteers & Ambassadors networks gathered to launch Adyan Networks’ Calendar 2017. The event that was held at the National Evangelical Institute for Girls & Boys-Saida, was a great opportunity to meet new people, discuss different topics, explore the calendar of upcoming events and share future expectations.

Adyan networks meeting theology students

25 February, 2017 - News

As part of Adyan Networks’ objective to provide a deep understanding about the situation of coexistence and its challenges in the Lebanese society, a group of these Networks’ (Youth, Volunteers, Ambassadors and Families) has visited theology students from different countries at Near East School of Theology (NEST), Hamra, on Saturday, February 25th. The groups have […]

Launching “Taadudiya” platform for a culture of valuing diversity

07 February, 2017 - News

The World Interfaith Harmony Week has not passed ordinarily this year, but rather witnessed the launching of “Taadudiya”, a platform that works on fostering the culture of accepting difference and valuing diversity, with the aim of ensuring positive interaction, social cohesion and peaceful coexistence between the different components of society. This is how “Taadudiya” coordinator, […]

Adyan Networks electing their committees

05 February, 2017 - News

Adyan Networks’ members represented once again an inspiring proactive Lebanese example of practicing democracy in a diverse society. Adyan Youth and Volunteers & Ambassadors networks elected their new committees. Adyan Volunteers & Ambassadors Network 2017 Elected Committee: Coordinator: Hasan Makki ( Members: Rita Joumaa, Mohamad A. Saleh & Ali Mahmoud   Adyan Youth Network 2017 Elected Committee: President: […]

Visiting the Minister of Education

18 January, 2017 - News

Since 2012, and the partnership between Adyan Foundation and the Ministry of Education & Higher Education and the Educational Center for Research and Development is still ongoing. In this context, a delegation from the Foundation visited the Minister of Education & Higher Education, HE Marwan Hamadeh to discuss joint educational projects with the Ministry. Accordingly, […]

Interfaith Audience with Pope Francis on Mercy

17 November, 2016 - News

Pope Francis received 60 Religious leaders and faith-based activists on November 3, 2016 in the Vatican, gathered around the shared value of “Mercy”. It took place in the framework of the interreligious symposium entitled “Interreligious Sharing and Witnessing about Mercy for Peace and Reconciliation” organized by KAICIID Dialogue Centre in collaboration with Adyan Foundation and […]

Regional Seminar on Educational Reform To Counter Extremism

05 October, 2016 - News

In the context of the growing wave of extremism in the Arab countries and the need to reform the educational systems as part of a comprehensive confrontation of this threat, the institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management organized a regional seminar entitled “Educational Reform to Counter Extremism in the Arab Region”  in Beirut,  between 29-30 September […]

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