Adyan is a Lebanese foundation for interreligious studies and spiritual solidarity. It was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations.

Adyan is an independent organization that operates in Lebanon and abroad, regionally and internationally. Through three departments: the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management, the Community and  the Media, Adyan implements its different cultural, educational, social and spiritual programs. Besides the support of its members, the foundation also benefits from the commitment of its networks, friends and honorary members, as well as its highly qualified professional team.

Adyan is registered in Lebanon as a non-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO), under registration number 1103 by a ministerial decree dated 18 September 2008.

Adyan also works on:
Fostering peace, social cohesion and spiritual solidarity between individuals and communities, through positive relations, objective understanding and shared commitment.


Adyan Awards


“Living Together Peacefully in a Diverse World” prize (2013)

Adyan foundation won the Second Prize of “Living Together Peacefully in a Diverse World” from the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the Republic of Azerbaijan, for its Alwan, school program for Education on Citizenship and Coexistence.

Civil Peace Award (2011)

During its 3rd annual dinner, on October 14th 2011, the Federation of Lebanese NGO’s “Wahdatouna Khalasouna” awarded Adyan for its work for permanent civil peace in Lebanon.

Berytech Award (2008)

On December 18, 2008, Adyan received the annual Berytech Award for the “Best Professional Project of the Year”. Berytech works in partnership with the European Union. It is an incubator committed to capacity building and to the creation of business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.