The French Renaissance Institute awards Dr. Nayla Tabbara the Gold Medal for Cultural Radiance

The French Renaissance Institute (La Renaissance Française) awarded the vice president of Adyan Foundation, Dr Nayla Tabbara the gold medal for cultural radiance (médaille d’or du rayonnement culturel) on Wednesday the 16th of January in a ceremony held for the occasion in the Palm Beach Hotel in Beirut.

In the presence of the First Secretary at the French Embassy Sabrina Aubert and a group of friends and interested parties, the delegate of La Renaissance Française in Beirut Mr. Ibrahim Tabet awarded the medal to Dr. Nayla Tabbara in lieu of the institute’s president, professor Denis Fada. In his address, Mr. Tabet said that “at a time when interreligious and intercultural dialogue is what we need the most, the role played by Nayla Tabbara is in harmony with francophone values and with “Lebanon the message” as a living example of coexistence between Christians and Muslims.” Tabet also spoke of the president’s wish to grant the medal of cultural radiance to a Lebanese figure this year among the 28 countries that host the Renaissance Française worldwide.

In her turn, Dr Tabbara thanked the Renaissance Française Institute for honoring her with the cultural radiance medal, and presented her work towards asserting the integrity of the theology of “the other”, and the books she wrote to this end. She stressed the importance of working on two aspects: the first being concerned with pluralistic religious thought and theology that accept diversity, and the second of a political nature, concerned with pursuing a citizenship that embraces diversity. Dr Tabbara considered that these two aspects together represent her pursuits, whether in her writings or her work in Adyan Foundation as Director of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management.

The honoree is a university professor in religious and Islamic sciences, and is the author of numerous books, the most recent being “Islam as Thought By a Woman”. Her research includes Quranic and Sufi interpretations, women in Islam, theology and interreligious dialogue. The Renaissance Française Institute was founded on the 27th of April 1916 by the French president at the time, Raymond Poincaré.