Adyan establishes the “Social Religious Responsibility Forum”

In order to develop the role of religious initiatives in promoting citizenship, living together, and partnership, Adyan Foundation brought together 63 religious activists from various regions and communities to work together on establishing the “Social Religious Responsibility Forum”, which includes three groups: the group of religious media, the group of religious education and the group of community initiatives.

The workshop, which took place from the 23rd to the 25th of November at the Metropolitan Hilton Hotel in Beirut, complemented previous training workshops under the “Religious Leaders for Citizenship and Coexistence” project funded by the British Embassy in Beirut.

The workshop was opened with a symposium entitled “Between the Religious Message and the Reality” in which participated the Ja’fari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Taleb, the Dean of Al Makassed College for Islamic Studies, Dr. Amin Farshoukh, and the President of Adyan Foundation, Father Fadi Daou . The panel was moderated by the journalists participants, Marina Challita and Mohamad Al-Arab.

After the seminar, the two-day workshop included theoretical sessions and practical applications presented by specialized trainers and experts, including “communication and working in a diverse team”, “building successful project strategies”. In addition, 3 parallel workshops took place to develop 21 community, educational and media initiatives.

The initiatives were launched at a closing ceremony, which included a special performance of a choir from the Evangelical School for the Blind and Specialized Education, which was followed by the performance of a Sufi band.

In the next phase of the project, a national public event will take place in March next year to share the impact of the initiatives implemented by the “Social Religious Responsibility Forum”.