“Journalists for Diversity and Coexistence”  Initiative by Adyan

As part of its “Religious Leaders for Citizenship and Coexistence” project, the Adyan Foundation, through the Training Unit of the Institute of Citizenship and Diversity Management, the Community Engagement Department  and the Media Department, has organized a training workshop for 27 journalists who work or interested in religious media entitled “Journalists for Diversity and Coexistence” Initiative from 4 to 7 November at the Metropolitan Hilton Hotel Beirut.

The aim of this initiative is to strengthen the capacity of religious media professionals and their skills in awareness raising, education and community participation in the areas of diversity, citizenship, living together and human rights through a series of specialized meetings and training.

The training days included theoretical sessions and practical applications presented by specialized trainers and experts, including “diversity and its management in public life”, “diversity in the Lebanese media”, “human rights as a global and national standard”, “media ethics in the Lebanese sectarian reality” and “The role of media in forming public opinion and participation in public life”. It was also an opportunity for journalists participants to share their experience with their colleagues.

The training, which is the first phase of the initiative, will be followed by three stages, including the gathering of journalists with religious leaders and activists from previous workshops organized by Adyan, to provide comprehensive national work, and implement the initiatives proposed in the first workshop, and then present it in the final stage.